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Rabu, 16 Juni 2010

Foto Artis Shireen Sungkar

Foto Artis Shireen Sungkar most sought-after by his fans. Because the face is pretty, also because his style is feminine. Shireen Sungkar was born in Jakarta, January 28, 1992. Shireen is the second child of three brothers. His father is Mark Sungkar, also an actor. This lovely girl started her career as a cover girl in 2006 semifinalists. Shireen had loved acting since childhood. Shireen find a fortune when her aunt brought in SinemArt casting. No dinyana he also glimpsed. In his first soap opera to play as a supporting actress Shireen. In the Bukan Diriku playing together Me Baim Wong and Ririn Dwi Ariyanti. other than a pretty Artis Sinetron, Shireen Sungkar also a very beautiful woman singer. Indonesia is also the celebrities, who never hit the case. Many artists these days has a name that defects in the world of artistry, the world model, and the world of movies. This gorgeous actress is now undergoing a relationship with a handsome man, who was also a famous artist from Indonesia.

Foto Artis Shireen Sungkar
Foto Shireen Sungkar

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