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Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009

Dea Imut Artis Abg

Name : Claudia Anissa
Gender : Female
Religion: Islam
TTL: Jakarta, 29 February 1996

Foto Dea Imut nyanyi
television news in a few days ago I heard the news that are dea imut is not perawan anymore. because news t dea imut become angry because the loss keperawanan gossip. in the Internet site also says he lost in the main film in sex (deai imut adult movie).
but as a good dea imut respond to it all with a heart patient. and dea imut can hold angry. dea imut is a good hearted person and not easily tempted by the media. hot news dea imut playing film porno. dea imut make ungry about seks news in media entertainment indonesia

foto hot dea imut

payudara dea imut
Artis Seksi

Actually this is not deliberate, dea imut does not intend to own the show but also take the photos by mistake and there may be parties who are not responsible for that and pass it on as the first case, a video nasty which he said is similar to the dea imut!

Dhea Imut that has the full name is Claudia Anissa cilik former stars who now go adolescents. Dara, who was born in Jakarta, 29 February 1996 this career in the entertainment world since the age of two years. When the ad headline Dhea diaper baby. After that many ads are flooding the bid daughter pair Indra Kusuma and Masayu Chairani this.

Name Imut obtained Dhea after joining the Three Bocah Imut and had released an album of children. Debut sinetron Dhea is pennon HUMAN MILLENNIUM. Name after the melejit Bidadari 3 star sinetron. Sinetron others who have, among other dibintanginya Tangisan Anak Tiri, MUTIARA, and Penjaga Hati.

Dea is a Imut ABG Indonesia celebrities whose name has often enough because of the appearance diperbincangakan
a porno video that pemerannya similar to the artists concerned, although the news that raw be debated by the family Imut Dea. A clear, exploitation of children under general including Dea Imut can be snared by the various articles and punishment in Indonesia, but it certainly captures the anonymous who defile the name of Dea Imut is difficult.
More information about the Dea Imut with photos Dea Imut you can get on the blog in the Related Links, right in the bottom of the article or this article.

Dhea Imut

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