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Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009

Foto Artis Julia Perez hot bugil

Julia Perez

Julia Perez distributes free condoms with her latest musical masterpiece, "Kamasutra".

Free Condom

Professional exhibitionist and singer Julia Perez's new album "Kamasutra" has a giveaway condom packet in the CD cover sleeve.


In the town of Samarinda in Kalimantan on 27th April dozens of women university students staged a protest at a shopping mall to voice their concerns that the Julia Perez condom bonus was an example of the "condomization" of society, and that it was a part of the campaign for free sex.

Fighting AIDS

Julia, usually called "Jupe", however says the free condoms are simply her way of helping the government to fight HIV/AIDS.

If anyone who buys the album doesn't like condoms just throw the condom away.

Julia Perez Seksi Hot


The protestors also voiced their support for the recent string of local government bannings of sexy dancers and singers performing in particular cities, such as those imposed on singer Dewi Persik in Bandung and Tangerang, and most recently in Balikpapan. They hoped that Julia Perez's name would be added to the blacklist.

gambar artis


And in Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB), the head of the Department of Religion, Lalu Suhaemi, implored the good citizens of Lombok to stay well clear of Kamasutra and its bonus package. He was worried particularly about the provocative titles of some of the songs on the album, which include: [4]

Goyang Kamasutra
Belah Duren
Please Call Me

Julia says she had plans for a song called "100 Cara Bercinta" (100 Ways to Make Love) but she was forced to drop the idea.

Goyang Fatwa

Meanwhile the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) in South Sumatra, Sumatera Selatan (Sumsel), have issued a fatwa, essentially directed against eight Jakarta based performers who are known to jiggle and gyrate themselves around too much on stage, they being: [5]

Dewi Persik
Annisa Bahar
Inul Daratista
Julia Perez
Uut Permatasari
Trio Macan
Ira Swara
Nita Thalia

These singers were particularly known to cause damage to the morals of the young generation and upset people, the MUI said.

Has a lot of play in several films with various types of challenges and not make the artist always diimejkan section, Julia Perez, satisfied. Even in the last movie dilakoninya, HERBAL MEDICINE HANTU pickaback, he still does not feel satisfied. In the movie he obtained a new challenge beradegan rape or bed scenes.

"This is the movie to 11 or 12 times yes. I was the type of person who does not readily satisfied. Always looking for a better," said Jupe, call familiar Julia Perez when the soft launching movie HANTU HERBAL MEDICINE pickaback KFC in the Block M Mall, South Jakarta Tuesday.

In the occasion, he also expressed never interfere with the image of a section disandangkan people to him. He just felt that what is done for this claim as only the professionalism, not invent any.

"I assume that all I do is based on the script, the section or anything because naskahnya way out. Continuous I enjoy it, enjoy it. Put me in a professional's Model. Even if it considered it pamandangan section of people. I do mainstream work I'm with my maximum, "he explained.

Meanwhile, Shanker, the producer admitted he deliberately chose Jupe because he had something unique to Indonesia. Jupe have a sexy body but typical Indonesian face.

"I am about the things that are legendanya. Why do I select Jupe here because Jupe have a face that section. If you want to see the body of the bohai hers Jupe," he said

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